venerdì 29 giugno 2012

Lunch break | Snapshots of little useless or useful items

It's Friday and it was a very tiring working week. I want to take my mind off and think of funny things.
For exemple, sometimes, at lunch time I exit from the office and go around, looking windows, letting my thoughts run and relaxing myself.
I go frequently in this shop that I love much, famous in Milan, where you can find particular things, from all over the world. I say "useless useful things"
Some products are packaged in particular kind. For exemple, the following pencils are simple pencils, but accommodated inside a cloth roll like cutlery.


These are beach towels used in Formentera. I bought one of them last year. Are very useful. Double sided. Handy to wipe or lie in the sun.

Scarves durign the summer are very confortable; wear a simple look or protect against a cool evening.

Scarves for summer
These boxes remind me of the package of glue Coccoina that I used at school when I was young.
Now contain paper clips, pencils, rubber bands, pins ...

I think that everybody knows Crocs shoes or Havaianas flip flops. I photographed this wall because I liked the colours and because i didn't seen transparent Crocs before today (a model for children).

Childrens Trasparent Crocs models

A wall with colored Havaianas filp flops
I love the fragrances for the home, especially perfumed essences.
These small scented sachets seem wedding favors

Esteban Paris - Scented sachets

Esteban Paris - Scented sachets

Esteban Paris - Scented cards
Moleskine are my favorite block notes. These violet and gray types are great.
An incentive to take note of new ideas for the blog. The following model is the best idea for a fashion blogger! It's made for noting dress, shoes, styles, etc. Genius!

Moleskine note books

Moleskine Style Journal note book

I liked the colours of this wall and took a photo for my PC desktop :-)

Cuckoo Clocks

I love Seletti's products (for exemple all the accessories for the table)! This product line, named Pantone, is quite original. The chair very nice for my kitchen (I'm thinking to buy..)

Pantone Chair - Seletti

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