mercoledì 30 gennaio 2013

Crazy for shoes: the best friends of women


Women are crazy for shoes. It's not e new and it's never a my personal discovery. But why we love shoes so much? Le donne impazziscono per le scarpe. Non è una novità e nemmeno una mia scoperta. Ma la vera domanda è perchè le scarpe ci fanno impazzire? Forse perchè:

mercoledì 23 gennaio 2013

Shopping online for fashion addicted #3: private sale

Il post di oggi è dedicato a una categoria di website particolari: i siti di vendite private. Molte di voi già li conoscono, ma per alcune sono ancora una novità. Mi rivolgo quindi soprattutto a voi amiche più inesperte della rete, molte delle quali mi chiedono se certi siti sono sicuri o meno (sanno che lavorando nel settore conosco bene come funzionano). Ecco il post che fa per voi.

martedì 22 gennaio 2013

Ranking mania

100 best fashion blog on Design and fashion Recipes

This is a post "off topic" but it came spontaneously and I decided to publish it, especially for curious readers of fashion blogs. I love the ranking lists. It could be a matter of character, but it seems to me to put some order in this crazy world. I know, it doesn't mean anything, unless they are the finalists for the Nobel Prize or Academy Award nominees, but anyhow, I like the ranking list.

lunedì 21 gennaio 2013

Fashion history by D&FR

Storia della moda on Design and fashion recipes

Today I am wise. I woke up with a lot of questions, one of which is always the same: which way for my blog? (I wonder if I ever find the answer). The fashion argument can be faced by a multiple perspectives. The one most frequently proposed is the perspective that I call the "personal stage" (at least in the most famous fashion blogs).

sabato 19 gennaio 2013


H&M design award on design and fashion recipes

Ho sempre pensato che se ai miei tempi ci fossero state tutte le opportunità che ci sono oggi (internet, contest, social network, etc. etc.) forse avrei assecondato la mia dilettantistica passione di fashion designer e provato a lanciarmi in questo settore, magari partecipando a qualcuno di questi eventi che le case di abbigliamento e le riviste di moda organizzano periodicamente.

venerdì 18 gennaio 2013

#GoldenGlobe 2013: my favorite outfits on the #redcarpet

red carpet golden globe 2013 on design and fashion recipes

Hi friends! Finally it's friday. My favorite day of the week. How could be different? The weekend is starting now! And so, a lot of time to read the fashion's news togheter. Follow me and enjoy yourself with the last post of the week (TOMORROW NO WORKING DAY!).

giovedì 17 gennaio 2013

Gloves: brrrrrr, it's really cold

Lausanne Parc du Milan on Design and fashion recipes by Cristina Dal Monte

Here in Lausanne the thermometer shows -4 degrees this morning. My grandmother, a long time ago, said me that a lady never exit without her gloves.

mercoledì 16 gennaio 2013

#Gangnam style on #Design and #fashion recipes

Infographic Credit

The smash hit of Psy has infected too? And how could it be otherwise! Otherwise even wanting to, you can not escape it. Not only is the video most viewed in the history of Youtube (more than a billion views) but it is also funny and moves thousands of people around the world, dancing in "massive flash mob" organized by mobile applications, like "Music mob".

martedì 15 gennaio 2013

D&FR goes to Luisaviaroma contest: "I love 90's"

"I love 90's" logo by Luisaviaroma on Design and fashion recipes

Good morning everybody. Todey I show you my new outfit for Luisaviaroma Contest. Subject: "I love 90's". When I started to study the outfit i didn't remember very well all Nineties trends. I forgot, for example, the starting time. I remembered only the minimalism style.

sabato 12 gennaio 2013

Sunday: relax yourself

Vanity by Poltrona FRAU on Design and Fashion Recipes
Vanity by Poltrona FRAU

An hard week of work. I need relax and so I collected my favorite pieces to think positive. Have a good sunday everybody!

venerdì 11 gennaio 2013

Vita da blogger

La Thuile on Design and Fashion Recipes

Perdonatemi ma oggi il post di moda salta. Sto combattendo la mia battaglia per inserire il blog in Google Adsense, ma ho scoperto che è sufficiente una foto in costume da bagno o in biancheria intima per essere rimbalzate dai rigidi censori.

giovedì 10 gennaio 2013

The big chill part #2: it's time to #ski

I love skiing! I was lucky to start skiing at three years old and if this does not mean I have acquired special skills in competition, from that early experience I have had:

mercoledì 9 gennaio 2013

Rent iconic luxury handbags!

Have you ever thought about renting a bag? Yes, I know, it's different to have it, but it's impossibile to spend always so much for iconic handbags. So, why not experience the thrill of showing an Hermes, a Chanel or a Louis Vuitton handbag, perhaps for an important evening, and then return it after a few days? If you really will miss it, after the "track test", you should save your money for a future investment.

p.s some websites have an outlet area, where they make special sell for clients

martedì 8 gennaio 2013

#Sale remix: create your outfit

sales remix on

Yesterday we saw together some tips for shopping during the sales. Today, I want to have fun remixing yesterday's proposals and creating outfits suitable for spring, using a few pieces bought on sale. What do you think about these? Do you want propose others?

lunedì 7 gennaio 2013

#Sales #wishlist @designandfashionrecipes

3, 2, 1.... GO! The sales started. Everywhere we could see sooo interesting proposals. Abroad, in London for example, but also in Lausanne where I currently live, sales begin even before Christmas. And this year, with the economic downturn, the sales are a real opportunity to buy.

martedì 1 gennaio 2013

2013 vintage style: happy fashion

Vintage luxury shoes on

Since few days ago, I was thinking about the first post of the new year. I was looking for an original idea. I surfed a lot of blogs, I enjoyed reading fantastic summaries of 2012, watching amazing photos and I told myself "I didn't do so much!". What can I tell so interesting to start the new year?

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